As being diagnosed with RP at the age of 13, my family and I have tried everything treatment operation and so called remedy to relieve, stop, and so call "cure" RP. So to say the least, I was quite skeptical that this would work as nothing else had worked in the past. But I am here today to say that I finally found the answer, not only does Dr. Per Otte stop RP, but in the two weeks I have been here I have gained substantial vision back. In this two week time frame, I have gone from needing assistance with everything to now being able to do things on my own. We went to the buffet last night and I got my own plates, by myself, without running into anyone lol. This is the first time I can remember is years that I have been able to do this!! If your still skeptical, trust me, this work. In the last two weeks I have been here I have not only seen incredible improvement in my own vision but others as well (people with RP, glaucoma, MD, and low vision due to diabetes). Finally something that work, if your still skeptical feel free to call me at 813-528-5999. Not only has Dr. Per Otte given me the gift of my sight back but he has also given me something more....Hope and confidence. Thank you Dr. Per Otte!

Reading Eye Scan

This is how you read the eye scan.

Yellow is normal vision.

Green is up to 20% loss of vision.

Light brown is up to 55% loss of vision.

Dark brown is up to 75% loss of vision

Purple is up to 95% loss of vision.

Black is from 95% to total loss of vision.



For treatment information see, MicroAcupuncture Treatment.

Result from treating Glaucoma with Microcupuncture:

Patient: 52 YEAR OLD, MALE

Left eye;

gl charles williams l 

Date,       03/02/2011                          03/0402011                            04/29/2011

 Right eye;

gl charles williams r

Date,       03/02/2011                             03/0402011                            04/29/2011


Glaucoma with Macular Degeneration

Patient: 68 YEAR OLD, MALE

 Left eye;

glmd ralph vernon l

Date,           08/18/2008                          08/20/2008                           08/28/2008

 Right eye;

 glmd ralph vernon r

Date,          08/18/2008                           08/20/2008                            08/28/2008



Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the United States. It causes damage to the optic nerve due to high pressure in the eye. Micro Acupuncture™ can help patients with glaucoma by repairing the damage to the retina caused by the increase in intraocular pressure. This increase in pressure causes the small capillaries in the eye to collapse, resulting in damage to areas of the retina. In rare cases it can help to keep the pressure down, but in most cases it has no effect on the pressure.

The eye is constantly producing a clear fluid called aqueous humor. An equal amount of fluid is constantly filtered from the eye. The pressure in the eye is a balance between the amount of fluid produced, and the amount of fluid filtered. If either too much is produced, or not enough is filtered, the pressure in the eye becomes high. When this happens, the optic nerve at the back of the eye is damaged. The damage initially causes small, blind spots in the field of vision. In more advanced cases, damage to the nerve leads to loss of peripheral vision; and in extreme cases, loss of central vision, too.

There are no symptoms of glaucoma in the early stages of the disease. The only way to know if your eye pressure is elevated is to have an intraocular pressure check. The only way to know if small, isolated blind spots are present in your field of vision is to have a visual field test. If either of these problems are detected during your eye exam, the pressure can be controlled by medication, laser or rarely, by surgery. Early control of pressure can avoid any damage to the optic nerve and vision.


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